Hah! When I saw this here, I thought it was a tie-in promotion for the Adobe product. I guess I was wrong.

Besides the intriguing factor of “what the fuck is it”, I think this is a good example of pushing an idea a little too far. Maybe the creators are trying to get some free PR that will probably happen once it gets on Oprah, but give it a month and it’ll just be another RTD in the fridge. Also, the product really has nothing to do with air at all.

Judging from the fine print on the image-based landing page, there are currently (at least) two flavours: Club (thats cola), and Citrus and Berry. Considering that the water is carbonated, and they’re promoting it as low calorie, its really just a sugar free Bacardi Breezer, but instead of tasting like cordial, tastes like shit.